We all know that the history of the alien abduction phenomenon pretty much began around 1961, and most likely with the case of Betty and Barney Hill who claimed that one night while driving home to New Hampshire from a trip to Montreal, they happened to have witnessed a UFO. Soon after they realized that they had lost a couple of hours for which they could not account.

Shortly after the event, Barney stated that he began suffering insomnia and Betty began having frequent nightmares. After two years, they reluctantly sought help from psychiatrist Benjamin Simon for other anxieties not related to the incident, “Dr. Simon reported no psychiatric illness” (Fuller, 1966). Using hypnosis, Dr. Simon had begun to uncover details of what transpired during the missing hours for which they had no conscious recollection. In separate hypnosis sessions the Hills each reported having been transported from their car into a strange craft against their will by ‘small, gray, humanoid beings with unusual eyes’ that communicated with them telepathically. Inside the craft, they were placed on a table, and began to subject them to various tests and procedures, specifically targeting their reproductive organs, for which the Hills initially refused to believe that this transgression against them had actually occurred.