Since it is believed that we as a human race utilize less than a tenth of our brain capacity, it’s worthwhile, and not too outlandish, to ponder that we all have inherent deep rooted psychic abilities. A survival mechanism from when we needed to worry what dangers we could get ourselves into when we went hunting for food 40,000 years ago, and not get eaten by a saber tooth tiger in the bushes.

How often have you thought of someone close to you, and the phone rang, only to have it be the person you’d just thought of? Maybe even speaking out the same thought at exactly the same moment? Have you ever had a really serious case of ‘déjà vu? ‘Pretty much everyone has. Coincidence? Well, it’s possible, but more than likely it’s that psychic faculty at work of which you are completely unaware you possess. Consider the possibilities.

A coincidence is having a fender-bender in the super-market car park and it’s with someone you went to high school with 20 years ago that you haven’t seen since high-school graduation. A psychic event on the other hand, would constitute having thought of that person only hours, or even minutes, before the accident occurred, making it a premonition.