Is it a man-made hoax? If so…then why have people had extraordinary experiences related to crop circles? For example flying balls of light were reported as being seen in and around some crop circles. Is it an alien intelligence which tries to communicate with us? The geometry which can be found in crop circles includes complicated mathematics which can be also found in nature. Our new documentary “New Swirled Order” deals with these questions and presents some very extraordinary crop circle formations found in 2008, like the “Pi”-formation in Barbury Castle or the Crop Circle near Avebury Manor ¬†which showed our solar system with the planetary constellation of December 21 of 2012.

The Mathematics of Crop Circles

Crop circles are mostly seen as geometrical shapes in crop and vegetation, but crop circles are much more than that only. In reality the visible parts of a formation are only a fraction of what is actually happening in the fields. The patterns in the fields are only an side-issue compared with what crop circles are about. More often, the largest part, crop circles occur where nothing can be seen in the field, and there is only something happening energetically. Crop circles have as goal to repair or restore and improve the situation of what is energetical present on a location. For example energy lines that are troubled in flowing well, a lot of negative energy being present, or another disturbance at the site. There are a lot of causes of these disturbances, like high-voltage cables and overhead wires of trains, or the impact of a bomb in the war. This kind of disturbances make life on this planet impossible if nothing is done about it. That is the reason why crop circles occur and try to do something about it. There are crop circles that clean the environment, others spread (healing) energy in the surroundings, and there are crop circles which let blocked energy lines flow again. The shape of the crop circle sometimes give extra help, and the ley lines are needed for the function of the crop circle.

Within a crop circle several energies are needed to make the function of the crop circle possible, like ley lines and benker lines. Also energy spirals for the supply or mixture of energy are present, and magic circles are there to protects the energy that is inside from the energy that outside is and the other way round.

What a Wonderful Feeling

People who have been in a crop circle do feel something sometimes. Most of the experiences are nice. People do feel the energy flow through their body or something else. They like it very much, it does do a person good. Other experiences are not so nice, people get sick or get a headache. These last formations do harm the health of people. These formations had better not be entered. Crop circles do influence the state of mind of humans. Some people can get depressed and others get cheerful, which depends on the crop circle.

The presumption that a real crop circle always lies on a leyline and a fake circle made by humans is not, is wrong. It is possible that humans put their crop circle on a ley center with full consciousness.