The alien abduction cases files contained herein are some of the best known cases of alien abduction over the last fifty years that is by no means complete.

There remains hundreds of reports still being researched to date by many UFOlogists and Alien Abduction researchers around the world.

Alien Abductions are a world wide phenomena, many cases of which are not even being reported. It is estimated with great concern that out of every hundred alien abductions occurring from Nairobi to Los Angeles, and around the world, sixty are not even being reported, twenty-five are an honest misidentification, ten are fodder for ‘yellow’ journalism, and the remaining five not only credible events, but provide valuable information about an increasingly troublesome phenomenon that continues to escalate. Yet whatever little concrete information is gathered by these few cases ends up getting buried by world government bureaucracy’s that sweep it under the carpet in an attempt to discredit the victims. thus end up remaining unsolved.