Everybody is capable of working on a psychic level. Some call this our sixth sense. When man was evolving it was this special sense that kept him safe. It was an inner knowing, a gut feeling that helped protect us and survive danger. Animals still use this sense. You might like to think of it as being akin to instinct.

The psychic level is our link with ‘the ethos’, the Universe, where all knowledge can be sought. It is perfectly possible to develop this ability through finding a development class or practicing various techniques and exercises found in suitable reading literature. Some people are naturally good psychics and it is perfectly possible to develop naturally. However, this can be frightening for some, in which case a development class is the best option where the student will be under the tutelage of an experienced medium.

So just what is psychic energy?

It is ‘an energy’ lower than that of spiritual energy, but it gives us insight and ability to gain knowledge from the past, present, and future. We can do this by linking into the universe, where we can find the answers to everything. We do this by using our subconscious mind, the same part of the brain that is active when we are dreaming or under hypnosis. Our subconscious mind absorbs every piece of information given to us, every thought, every event in our present life, and those we had before. The trouble is gaining access to this information. It is a skill, and like all skills can be developed.

Ah! The future, you say, that sounds interesting, and who doesn’t want to know at some point in their lives what will befall them, whether it is, ‘Will I pass this exam?’ ‘Will I get the job?’ or ‘When will I move?’ Therein lays the problem. It is truly impossible to predict the future accurately. Before we incarnated on Earth, we were issued with ‘free will.’ Nothing is written in stone, so it can only be a guide, as we all have the ability to make our own futures and life is what you make it.

What is Medium-ship?
The word ‘medium’ means a vessel, literally. Mediums have the ability to link with spirits and communicate with them. When the physical body dies, the mind lives on. It is our mind that is our soul and our spirit. The term ‘ghosts’ are not spirit at all. A ghost is akin to a tape recording of the vibrations of that person, and generally the recording is deposited and left behind after a particularly traumatic¬†event in that person’s life whilst they were here on Earth.

The event was so traumatic as to have caused immense distress to that person. All the emotions, feelings, and mental anguish made a mark and left an imprint on the surroundings where this event occurred. Generally, the so-called ‘ghost’ follows the same pattern, with an anniversary of the sighting experienced on the same date, year after year, for example. It is impossible to communicate with a ghost, as it is a ‘recording’ and not a spirit.

Therefore, the spirit is the mind energy of someone who was once alive at some time on Earth, and the only difference now is he or she does not have a physical body. We as humans on Earth are spirit in a human body; that is the only difference.

Medium-ship is not something acquired through attending a course like psychic ability. It is a gift given to us by the ‘Godhead’ to be utilized for the highest good for humankind.

Everything on Earth and in ‘heaven’ has a vibration and energy. Mediums have the ability to ‘tune in’ to this vibration and interpret it; a bit like turning the tuning dial on a radio to locate a station. After all, each radio station has its own wavelength, and by turning the tuning dial, we locate another channel. We know that sound waves exist. We cannot see them, but we know they are there, for when we turn on the TV or radio, they are responsible for enabling us to watch and listen to our favorite program. This is exactly what a medium is. We have been gifted with this ‘tuning dial’, that is all.

When someone passes over (I prefer this term to ‘death’), it is only the physical human body that perishes. The person’s mind still exists, with all the personality and foibles that make that person who they are, their character. Mediums have the ability to tune into each soul’s vibration and pick up messages for their loved ones they left behind when their physical body perished.

Mediums are also psychic, as spiritual vibrations resonate at a higher frequency than that of the psychic, so mediums have the ability to work on both levels. A medium cannot conjure up spirit. The link between spirit and those on Earth is love. That bond can never be broken and lives on for all eternity. All the medium can do is ask for those loved ones to come forward if they have any messages of love to gift for those they have left behind on Earth.