There’s no doubt about it, psychics have gotten a bad rap! From charlatans scamming obscene amounts of money out of the innocent believers to Miss Cleo raking in the desperate and lonely hearts in the wee hours of the morning, how can the REAL psychics be found?

Honest, authentic, dedicated and helpful psychics do exist. There are those of us devoted to serving our fellow man & woman … working tirelessly from a place of love to help people find their way and to know their brilliance in this world. From psychic to psychic, we can spot each other right away and are always ready to help support, encourage and promote each other.

I am a full time psychic. I have spent years developing, deepening, and honing my innate abilities so I can be of assistance to my brothers and sisters with whom I share time and space. I follow a code of ethics protecting both you and me from “free range” access to your thoughts, emotions, and past. We don’t read minds, nor do we have insight into your life without your consent and clear permission to do so.

Just like in any other profession, psychics and healers want to be found. We want to be trusted as a source of inspiration for you on your life’s journey, and we want to help. We offer our abilities to the world as a service and cannot perform unless you show up!

Good psychics are professionals, and as such, must market themselves as any other entrepreneur. When beginning your search for a psychic to work with, there are many words you should consider: Intuitive, healer, clairvoyant, medium, and even consultant. The one thing we all are is “psychic” whether or not we use the actual term — you can count on our ability to rely on our 6th sense to share insights and guidance.

Professionals build a reputation based on honesty, the benefits of the services provided, and the satisfaction of clients. A psychic building a professional reputation is quite the conundrum. It’s challenging to build a reputation when the very nature of what we do is a constant punch line.


The most important task in finding an authentic psychic is finding the right psychic. Choosing the right intuitive to work with is a personal and totally subjective endeavor. Like finding the right doctor or therapist, the most beneficial partnerships are those that are carefully chosen where both parties are working toward the Divine, so use it well and know you have the power and the right to get all you can from it.

You are responsible for your well being and as such, are entitled to working with the best team possible to aid you. Research, gather and interview as you would any other health care provider and know true, honest professionals will always extend you the courtesy of their time so you can make an informed choice. Below are some other tips to help you choose the right psychic for you.