Since we began the Journal of Anomalous Sciences our philosophy in design has been that the layout and graphics of an article can accentuate the story being told, making it more personal to the reader, by the proper selection of photography, graphics or video. As it can transport you into what you’re reading within our pages. Throughout the ages and all over the globe we are cultures that through the millennia that have used pictures to tell a story – whether it was by the writings on cave walls, engraving of glyphs on pyramids, or sneaking around neighborhoods painting blank walls with art.

Our search for beautiful graphics is on-going, as we are constantly searching just the right quality and subject matter to which we present our articles, including the embedding of high definition video and audio as another medium. But every now-and-then an artist stands out that has captivated us by the beauty of their work and George Grie is one such artist.

George has put together a beautiful website of his work and we encourage you to visit it ( There you can enjoy and order his work in various mediums, and as an added bonus, he has even presented his admirers with full sized images background images (1024 x 768) you can download as a background for you PC. Including the Ghost Series we have featured in this article, by simply by clicking on each of the images, or by clicking on the logo to the right.

It was a perfect match for our article “Ghost Ships.” So we decided to showcase ALL of his Ghost Ship Series here in the Journal as well. Framed to the liking of the artist, he has also agreed to let our readers download copies of his artwork for you PC background…But ONLY from the links available on the Journal.

George Grie graduated from the State University in 1985 with a BA (Honors) Degree in Fine Art and Applied Design education. From the very onset of his professional career traditional routes of domestic art styles that been adopted by many of his peers was not an option. He chose instead to follow the more difficult and demanding path of innovative neo surrealistic painting wherein clear, concise yardsticks of competence, draftsmanship and painting skills can be measured and judged as works of art at all.

The result of his endeavors during his relatively short fine-art painting and graphic career (1985-1995) has brought a considerable measure of success with his several neo-surrealist shows in several European capitals as London, Stockholm, St-Petersburg, and Helsinki. Grie’s paintings are concerned with the portrayal of strong and powerful images relying on visual impact. They are about capturing visual paradoxes, sometimes they depict calm and contemplative moments, solitude, and sometimes melancholy. There is a stillness in his themes, which conveys a sense of inner-reflection and self-observation. Grie’s use of photo realistic distinction technique gives a stark contrast between the light source and the often-dark tonality found in his early paintings.