The term Starseed is given loosely to children who many believe were not conceived on planet Earth, and whose DNA may be infused with DNA from other beings in other star systems, galaxies, or even other universes (e.g. dimensions). Sometimes these Starseed Children are said to be ‘star-born’ mortals, born off planet, but in every sense of the word still a ‘human being,’ only mixed with alien DNA. It is a popular belief among many abduction theorists to believe Starseed hybrids have been around since the rise of the modern human to the top of the food chain, and possibly aiding mankind into a dominant role on Earth.

With each generation, these hybrids are thought to gain new experiences (learning life’s lessons) with intelligence that is reincarnated from inherited genetic material over and over again. Within the Starseed’s genome lies this dormant code that will not be accessed until mankind is ready for the great “awakening” (an ‘ascension of consciousness’) to be triggered at the end of 2012. Starseeds usually know they are unique and many of them believe themselves to have originated from another planet, race or remote star system within the Orion constellation, Sirius (the brightest star in the night sky), or even the Pleiades star cluster.