The Unwritten Cardinal Rules of Psychic Etiquette

#1 GET PERMISSION – Do not intentionally “read” someone without their express permission to do so. This one won’t be easy, as impression will come from all around you, all the time. Choose what data you receive that you wish to analyze, and keep the rest to yourself. You wouldn’t consider reading a friend’s journal or diary, or eavesdrop on private conversations. So do no harm and keep your nose clean of their psychic business and you won’t lose t

#2 KEEP IT TO YOURSELF – When confronted by any psychic impression that you did not have expressed permission to “read,” which often happens, keep it to yourself unless, or until you are asked. It may do more harm than good. As you get more knowledgeable, and have a high ratio of accuracy, you’ll begin to trust your impressions more. In some cases, it could do more harm than good, yet it could be important to give warning also. However, be prepared for negative reactions when you do.

#3 BE ETHICAL – Never use your psychic knowledge to take advantage of someone. Because it has a tendency to come back at you with a vengeance! Simply meaning, if you’re out to ruin someone’s life, it could be a trap you’re only setting for yourself. If you feel they are diabolical, hateful, and evil, don’t play their game their way. If you give someone enough rope, eventually they’ll hang themselves with it. Do no harm, and you’ll stay clear of the noose when it happens. After all, you don’t want it around your neck too.

#4 BE RESPONSIBLE – As a psychic, you may develop some serious power and be very tempted to focus this power to use for personal gain. So what will you do with your newly gained knowledge? Go to Vegas, to gain personal wealth? Perhaps play people to gain a rich and famous celebrity life-style because you believe it to be rightfully yours? It is possible to play people in order to gain that ‘upper’ advantage, and use your psychic facilities to manipulate and control them, or make a fortune with books and appearances, boasting your psychic power. How much harm do you think that can cause? Especially if you’re wrong!

Now, receiving a donation, or asking for reasonable expenses is one thing, especially if you went out of your way, or were requested to do so. But to charge exorbitant rates just because you can, is another. Be warned though, psychic faculties can and eventually will become conflicted through greed; obscuring your psychic impression and judgment with either misinformation or total fabrications. End result; it compromises the client and whatever actions they may take based on the reading you give. It’s when your delusional ego clouds your objectivity with visions of wealth and fame that you can actually cause an undue pain to your client, and consequences from which it will be difficult, if not impossible to recover. Just saying ‘I’m sorry,’ will mean nothing, for a ‘smoke and mirrors’ performance will be seen just for what it is, as fate will catch up with you. What goes around comes around.

#5 MOST OF ALL, DO NO HARM – Have we mentioned this already? Maybe we did, but the point here is that regardless of how, when, or why you were gifted to realize your psychic faculty’s potentials, always use extreme caution when revealing that information to anyone. Carefully consider all angles of what your purpose for revealing is, and why someone would need to have the information revealed. There could be some serious consequences and you could do more harm than good. Living by this ‘Golden’ will certainly give you and everyone else around you peace in knowing that you did the right thing, because it was the right thing to do!