India is a land of ancient history and civilizations and has seen different cultures and societies for thousands of years. This country is also considered to be the land of Gods and Mythology.

India has gone through different changes through thousands of years but one thing which has never changed is the belief in spirits and spiritualism. From the time of Satyug, which is believed to be the time of Lord Rama, when there was only truth which existed on the Indian land to this time of modern sciences, the existence of ghosts and demons is still indelible.

Ramayan, an original story written by a great sage of ancient India named Valmiki, also has stories about demons which, on the verge of eliminating human beings, got killed by Lord Rama. It should be understood that Hinduism in India has different beliefs. Even the holy book of Hindus Bhagvat Geeta has different statements for the spiritual world.

The oldest Sanskrit literature of this world, called The Vedas, which is considered to be written by God Brahma himself, too has definitions for life after death, ghosts and demons.

Spirits, according to the Vedas are divided into several categories, like Aatma (soul), Pishach (Blood thirsty human souls), Vetaal (Phantoms), Rakshas (Demons) and Pret (inhuman spirits). They are further divided into sub categories and are supposed to be residing in Antariksh (which we call the Astral Plane).

Quran, the holy book of Islam, too has belief in the existence of spirits and inhuman spirits, such as Jinn, Khodam and Khabees. So does the Holy Bible.

Though the holy books of all the religions state the existence of a life beyond human life, many of us are still not ready to accept the presence of inexplicable beings and paranormal phenomena. Is it only because we don’t want to see anyone superior to us or is it because we haven’t understood ourselves so well?

But what about those who suffer due to unknown entities? They are simply laughed at because of their experiences. And those who believe in the presence of spirits live in deep fear and finally take the shelter of fake sages and the Tantric, who charge a lot of money from their clients to get rid of spirits and ghosts. Villages in India have new tales of paranormal events every day. There are many places in native India which are considered to be haunted. And all the spiritual entities of India are considered to have malevolent intentions. This is just due to the lack of knowledge since illiteracy in India is quite high.