An Interview with Robert Cracknell by Jari A, Mikkola – In our search for a psychic to interview for The Journal, I was reminded of how difficult it is to locate a ‘true’ psychic through the myriad of misinformation on the Internet. I looked for a psychic who can actually tap into the minutest remnant of energy of the living (as all living entities on our planet emit energy, much like a signature, or a fingerprint etched into the fabric of time) that reveals exactly what he/she (the psychic) feels or sees about the subject, be it from the past, in the present and, sometimes, in the future.

Over the last couple months, I have been actively seeking out such a psychic to join our team. It was one of our trusted advisors, Micah Hanks, who told me of a book he was reading entitled “The Lonely Sense,” by Robert Cracknell.

In our conversation, he also mentioned that Cracknell had earned the reputation for being “Britain’s number one psychic detective,” and had a long career as a private investigator who helped resolve several high-profile cases in the UK; and suggested I should try contacting him Mr. Cracknell through his website at

In speaking with Bob (as he preferred me to address him) numerous times, I’ve gotten to know the man behind the reputation, long before our ‘official’ interview began. His unique perspective on life gave me much more insight as to who he was, and where he came from; almost as if we had been friends for many years.

Therefore it is only fitting to share in this article, not only our official interview, but a compilation of several candid conversations I’ve had with him. Through his openness and candor, I got to know the man called ‘Bob Cracknell,’ and how his early childhood became “possibly the most influential part of my life on the road to self-discovery.” It was a road in which he became aware of, and learned how to use, the faculties we all possess, our psychic ‘sixth-sense,’ which helped him get through an arduous journey of self-discovery.” It was a road in which he became aware of and learned how to use the faculties we all possess, our psychic ‘sixth-sense,’ to help him get through an arduous journey of self-discovery.

Hopefully this article will not only help you in finding a reliable psychic, but very possibly allow you to recognize that everyone possess psychic faculties that may just be lying dormant within us.