Getting Sucked Into the World of the Paranormal

When one decides to become a Paranormal Researcher, it is usually not a decision taken lightly. Sure, you can jump on the proverbial band wagon after seeing a few episodes of Ghost Hunters and Paranormal State, get all the fancy, cool gadgets, and label yourself an Official Paranormal State, get all the fancy, cool gadgets, and label yourself an Official Paranormal Researcher (after all, there are no accredited programs to dispute out there, right?) and go hunt, but those of us who take it a bit more seriously want to learn the ins, outs, ups, and downs of the genre. We want to find the answers to our most personal questions about the paranormal and if we can help a few (or many) people out in the process, even better. Personal satisfaction and community service all rolled into one, who could ask for anything more?

Inevitably, when word gets out about our new “hobby,” the proverbial woodwork oozes activity. In between the snide remarks and the suppressed giggles, a series of awareness come to fruition. These “Snickerers” (as I like to call them) of the Paranormal World start “seeing” and “remembering” things that they can’t explain, but are curious to know the answer. Is it a life-changing/altering knowledge? No, most of the time it isn’t, but inquiring minds do want to know!

Most family, friends and co-workers start out as these very people, not really sure whether to laugh at or with us in our crazy exploration of the paranormal. But as one talks more and more of the courses available through ParaNexus and MUFON, and the interesting tidbits of information learned, they start to open theirminds to the thought processes of a Paranormal Researcher. I further explain how our jobs, such as Air Traffic Controller, can give an edge to investigating strange lights in the sky or unusual cloud formations; that they are perhaps attributed to the flight paths of nearby airports or the natural occurrences when moisture forms at various altitudes. I explain how being an Electronics Technician can make you understand electrical concepts a bit better or, as we’ve seen, plumbers can investigate the noises that go bump in the middle of the night or after one takes a shower. Even housewives in Anywhere, USA, can utilize their highly intuitive skills as a Paranormal Researcher. I mean, have you ever had to find the 1 out of 5 culprits who spilled the milk on the floor? Exactly! Once the realization is made that being a Paranormal Researcher is not splitting the atom, the inquisitive seas start to part and people become more open to the possibilities of, well, everything, but not just anything.