Here is a list of known cases where Sylvia Browne made her predictions public. The names are in alphabetical order with brief descriptions of Browne’s case predictions and the facts regarding the outcome of the case. (When noted, some of the outcomes have already been covered in the article in more detail.)

CASE – Erica Baker. November 19, 2003, on Montel. Browne told Erica’s mother “she’s not dead” but in Michigan. Furthermore, Browne claimed someone “sold her for drugs,” and “there was a black woman” who helped “throw” her in an “old truck.”
OUTCOME – In 2005, Christian John Gabriel was convicted of moving and concealing Erica’s body in Kettering, Ohio. Her body was not found, but Gabriel claimed to have buried it after hitting her with his “van.” 1

CASE – Jamie Barker. In February 2001 on Montel. Two months after Barker fell from a bridge while working, Browne told his widow he died “quick” and his body is “on the site, there’s no doubt about it,” but they won’t find it “unless they dig for it and I don’t think they will.” 2
OUTCOME – Two months later Barker’s body was discovered downstream in LaSalle. An autopsy revealed that he “suffered no broken bones or head injuries in the 15-story fall,” but instead drowned. 3

CASE – Eve Brown. September 30, 1999, on Montel. Browne told the family “that Eve Brown is well and living in Florida.” 4
OUTCOME – This was not true, as Eve’s body was found a year later at a Brooklyn, New York, construction site thirteen miles from where she was last seen. 5 The murder still remains unsolved as of the time of this article.