Our sole mission is to explore a world full of many weird and wonderful sciences as extensions that go beyond the scope of simple mainstream science. We hope to provide our readers with thought-provoking, ground-breaking information, and amazing discoveries that will someday influence the trends of tomorrow. The Journal of Anomalous Science hopes to be an indispensable and informative resource guide for you with articles that are well researched and beautifully presented as an on-line magazine. Herein we will present to you the latest news and information of new and important discoveries, theories, and ideas in a format that will not only captivate your imagination and entertain you, it will keep you informed about all things anomalous.

So whatever your interests may be — let US spark your imagination to a universe full of possibilities.

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World Nexus Publications –
Managing Director

Jari Mikkola has been researching the anomalous sciences all over the world for well over 35 years. Throughout his career with IBM, Jari has explored many different types of phenomenon related to the paranormal, alien abductions, UFOs, and other genres. It was from his experiences that he was encouraged to found World Nexus Publications, The Dimension Zone, Occam’s Enigma, the DZ Nucleus and Desert Highlands Paranormal Research (DHPR). As a published author, Jari had written many, many articles over his 35 years of research and a natural progression for creating The Journal of Anomalous Science in 2008 (that originally began as a popular news letter). Recently Jari has released his new book, “An Awakening: the Emergence of Indigo Consciousness;” now available in bookstores and on Amazon dot com.


The Journal –
Managing Editor

Diana Caprio has been involved with the paranormal since the early age of seven when her grandmother piqued her interest talking about paranormal events. Over the years Diana has read many books on various subject matter and began her quest for answers by researching purportedly local hauntings in her area; some of which she later published regarding her findings of the paranormal. Her experience and passion made Diana a valuable asset for the team as she prepares subject matter for every issue of ‘The Journal’ because of her astute attention to detail; a win-win situation for everyone.


The Journal –
Associate Editor

Rhetta Akamatsu has been with The Journal since its inception and instrumental in shaping and guiding its direction. As an accomplished author of several books; “Irish Slaves, Southern Crossroads”, and her most popular, “Haunted Marietta.” Rhetta has been been well respected in the paranormal world, and guest on many paranormal radio programs. All this, while still managing several web sites and family. Her web influence helped shape Ghost to Coast, a handbook of ghost tours, paranormal investigation groups, and haunted hotels across the country, Visit Rhetta Akamatsu at Rhettasbooks.com.


The Journal –
Associate Editor

Zach Royer is an author, part-time journalist, full time independent researcher and lifelong explorer of the supernatural. An article based on his book, “Pyramid Rising,” was featured in the Journal of Anomalous Sciences in 2012, and also published two other books, “Hawaii’s Vortex Field Guide” and “The Kona Haunted Field Guide” before joining our team. Zach currently leading the Kahuna Research Group, an anomalous research organization on the Big Island of Hawaii, dedicated to exploring the history and mystery of Hawaii. Having led numerous investigations of purportedly haunted locations across multiple states, that included a popular resort, a national park, and an ancient battleground, made him a natural fit on The Journal team.

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