Yes, I can now possibly add aliens to my list of paranormal experiences. I was abducted last night! But let’s look at how it all happened and we’ll decide from there whether we’re to believe it or not – myself included.

Before the Abduction

So how did this happen? Well, I had spent a couple hours before going to bed in a strong paranormal mood. The last 2 days have been spent immersed in books and websites like I haven’t been in months. I was looking into purchasing melatonin in hopes of increasing my dream clarity and so had lucid dreams and OBE’s on my mind before bed. I tried getting out of body but ended up in a semi-lucid dream instead. It was just the usual bunch of jumbled garbage you sometimes dream about as your mind drifts off so I can’t tell you what it was now but I knew I was drifting to sleep. I caught myself at the right moment and felt the sudden rush of vibrations signaling the beginning of an OBE. It was at this moment that something popped into my mind.

Apawned by Cartman’s Anal Probe?

Aliens! I don’t know why but it popped in there. It probably had something to do with reading a bunch of alien abduction stories of late. It could just as well have been from watching the first episode of South Park, two hours earlier, that was about aliens implanting a space probe up Cartman’s butt. I think the latter is what made me think of them. Anyway, as soon as the thought popped into my head I felt myself being sucked into a white mist. A second later I was sitting inside… you guessed it – a spaceship!

Misty Figures

The white mist which accompanied me there was still present but slowly dissipating, although it stayed for the rest of the experience. This effect created a hazy atmosphere such as you’d see in a flashback during a cheap sitcom. Through the mist I observed a small, white room with 3 or 4 aliens looking at me. They were typical “grays” – the ones with thin green bodies with large black eyes on overgrown heads. They were close enough that I could only see them from the waist up through the mist. They stared at me for a moment and I wasn’t sure if I had startled them with a surprise visit or if they had purposely drawn me there for some reason.

Scraping My Eyeballs

I was not scared at this point, having been through many strange situations in my astral projections. I sort of sat there while they began poking me and stuff. The whole recollection is rather hazy and I can’t recall everything but I remember enough to know what was going on. They were studying me. This lasted for a couple minutes. I remember them sticking needles into my body. I’m not entirely sure how many and where, but what I do remember is that one of them went directly into the right side of my stomach.