The Bermuda Triangle or “Devil’s Triangle” is a triangular – shaped area off the coast of Florida that is famous for reports in which strange disappearances occur and magnetic compasses go haywire. The area is situated in the Atlantic Ocean and is generally thought of as having apexes at Miami, Bermuda, and San Juan. This area contains some of the deepest sub – oceanic trenches in the world, encompasses the fast- moving waters of the Gulf Stream, and has frequent strong water spouts and violent storms, making at least some of the reported odd phenomena attributable to human error or natural mishap.

The US Coast Guard acknowledges the fact that there definitely environmental anomalies that occur in this area, but goes on to say that human error is by far the most bizarre phenomena that occurs in these waters. The area sustains heavy traffic, both by air and by sea, and certainly accidents are bound to happen, inexperienced mariners or pilots especially, who don’t take into account variations in compass readings or environmental anomalies in the area. These people can, and do, get into some serious trouble – that account for many of the unexplained disappearances in the area.

However, even if every one of these stories were found to be attributable to human error or natural phenomena, the area is still fascinating for other reasons, not the least of which includes speculation that it encompasses the lost continent of Atlantis, and that it is a doorway to other dimensions. There is also speculation that the seabed in this area contains huge amounts of methane gas that is released suddenly due to changes in the sea bed, releasing large, unpredictable plumes of gas that have the capability