When someone mentions psychic ability, it’s often quite interesting to see how others react. It’s a love-hate relationship, that has often been associated with the ‘dark arts’ and deeply feared, often to the point of ridicule and religious persecution. Yet we must understand that it is part of our very basic senses, very much akin to those we know as the five sense; sight, sound, taste, smell and touch, and often referred to as ‘the sixth sense.’

Many will often ask, “What does it means to be psychic?” That is like asking what it means to be blond, or left handed. It’s not so much what we do with what we sense, or call ‘intuition,’ or how strongly it’s felt. But the best way to describe it is how much a person is in tune with their own ability to read the movement and the constellations of energy around them, much like a Geiger counter reads and measures ionizing radiation in the area. A person in tune with their psychic faculties reads and

measures the psychic energy around them; residual or active. Being psychic is also a matter of pickup on on that energy and analyzing it as data and interpreting it.

For centuries, Judeo-Christian cultures have maintained that what they deem the unseen forces are to be feared, categorizing them as black magic, devil worship, and demonology, thus condemning psychic intuition as a mystic practice as the work of the devil because it was greatly misunderstood, and because it was often used by rival political and religious factions throughout human history. But as mankind has evolved, so has science.

With the invention of radio, for example, we are no longer required to be physically present to hear a concert or a speech. Sound began to be invisibly carried along the air waves to you via radio, and later television broadcast visual data to you through the same air waves. This is energy you cannot see or hear, yet is all around you, but can when

you have the devices to do so.

Energy, too, can be perceived without the constraints of time and space. It can be recorded, transmitted, and picked up either at a short distance, or many hundreds of miles away, because it works through the psychic principle called ‘resonance.’ Although our physical universe appears to be linear and concrete, our energetic universe is not. A human mind resonates at a certain level, and in a certain way, and can be picked up by others who are in tune with that resonant energy and then be able to read and decipher it, regardless of where the subjects are located geographically, and not subject to time and space limitations as we know them.