The Apollo missions have been controversial since the program of sending astronauts to the moon began. The argument that the entire Apollo program was a hoax is utter nonsense!

According to Bill Kaysing, author of the 1974 book, “We Never went to the Moon,” whose exact words about the program are “Any human being traveling through the van Allen belt would have been rendered either extremely ill or actually killed by the radiation within a short time thereof.”

The Van Allen Belts are two distinct regions (and a third was recently discovered) several thousand kilometers above the Earth’s atmosphere where the Earth’s magnetic field holds trapped particles of our sun’s solar wind. Without protection, any of earth’s lifeforms would indeed receive lethal doses of radiation should they stay there long enough to do so.

What Kaysing was stating was in fact totally false, because in all actually, the Apollo spacecraft’s not only traveled through the three belts they did so pretty damn fast; traversing them in a little over an hour, give or take a few minutes.

They simply weren’t there long enough time to come even close to what is considered ‘a lethal dose of radiation.’ In fact, the metal hull of the Apollo spacecrafts were able to block out most of the radiation.

There were after all, far worse threats facing the Apollo missions than radiation; such as solar flares and micrometeorites (as experienced by the Apollo 13 crew). …